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A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend the Faithful To Nature Baby shower and, as it was being held at the 12 Apostles Hotel and I desperately needed a treat, I took time off work and said, yes. While I wasn’t sure what to expect, I went in with an open mind, ready to learning a bit more about the company and see whether it would be a good fit for us.

As instructed by the invitation, I created a “baby shower” and added a few products that looked and sounded interesting. I must admit that I didn’t read the instructions properly though and didn’t add all that much for the “baby”. As I said before, I needed a treat, okay? 😉


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I was impressed at how easy it was to create the registry and I got lost browsing items for way too long while I sifted through the vast selection available. After finalizing my favourites, I sent the link off to the organiser and got butterflies of excitement as it was the first time I had the opportunity to build my own gift bag to take home with me after the event! How awesome was that!
After meeting all my favourite people in the conservatory of the 12 Apostles, we sat down to a talk with, to learn more about Faithful to Nature, the reason she started the company and why she is passionate about living a life that is faithful to nature.
A story that stood out for me was about a scientist who had recently had a baby and decided to test her breastmilk. She was surprised to find an alarmingly high concentration of fire retardant showing in the milk sample and looked into the possible source. After doing the research, she managed to pin point that the chemical was similar to the one used on her couch, and it had made it into the milk. Now, I’m guessing she wasn’t sitting on the couch naked so, for enough fire retardant chemical to be absorbed into her body, through her clothes and get all the way through to the milk she was feeding her child, I found it shocking.
Although, I shouldn’t have been surprised. As Robyn mentioned, in the early days, cosmetics weren’t safety checked because people believed that it didn’t get absorbed by the skin. But then nicotine patches started gaining popularity, and this made people think again. Yes, I am brushing over the history of the cosmetic industry with broad strokes, but this blog post can only be so long.

So, for the last few weeks, I have bee pondering what it is that I allow into my body and seriously taking stock. After turning 40 in the middle of September, I realised that I have already done a lot of damage and this is usually about the time that people start complaining of all sorts of illnesses and health issues. Which means, I need to work quickly if I want to halt the onset of anything dire – or try and prevent it if there is sufficient time!


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I have never been overly concerned with my health and I have often taken it for granted. My mom, on the other hand, used to gym regularly, avoided fast foods and very rarely indulged in dessert. Yet, she still died of cancer in 2014. I remember her taking a weight loss tonic for a few years when I was younger and I remember the ads, pushing a very “all natural” angle. But, given the fact that both marijuana and opium are “natural”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good. Was the tonic the reason she started developing polyps 10 years later and then cancer 10 years after that? I don’t know. Even “healthy foods have been known to cause problems at times. But it does mean that I am wary of anything that seems to be a shortcut because, there is often no way of knowing how it will affect you in 2-3 decades time? Yes, it does!
Anyway, back to the Faithful to Nature side of things. One of the best parts about the site is how you can filter the products you are looking for and you can truly find the ethical shopping combination that works for you. Do you want to make sure your the products are 100% plastic free, cruelty free, GMO free and ethically sourced, tick all the boxes on the left side menu and your search results will yield only the products that meet all those requirements. How cool is that!?
So, thanks to that brunch, I am thinking twice about everything I thought I knew and doing what I can to make better choices every day.
Have you shopped with them before? If you haven’t, now is a great time because they are celebrating their 12th birthday with loads of great deals. If you have, let me know what you thought, in the comments below.
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