Day 8: Oudtshroon to George

How do you know you’re in the #karoo? When you see a #cactus like this one. #beautiful 🌵 #southafrica

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Our trip from Oudtshroon to George yesterday was the shortest distance we’ve had to travel so far in our road trip and, for the next week or so, we will be moving through the Garden Route very slowly, as we aim to take in as much of the beauty as possible so that we don’t miss a thing.

So far, we have experienced the dry heat of Montagu, the surprising rainy nature of Oudtshroon and now the spontaneous raininess of George. All this within about a 300km radius of Cape Town. When we look at the map, we can’t bear to miss out on any of the Garden Route so, we won’t. Of course, with the Freedom Day long weekend coming up, we are preparing ourselves to pay the most we’ve paid for accommodation so far, but we are hoping to make up for it with more reasonably priced places after that.

Our plan to stay in each place for 3 nights is working out well from a sanity point of view. Since you can only check in after 2pm, the first day is taken up by unpacking the car and settling in for the day. We try and do some homeschool on the 2nd day we’re there and then we try and squeeze in as much exploring as possible. The 3rd day is a repeat of the 2nd because no school happens on the day we hit the road, as we all help to play luggage tetris. Stability and routine helps a lot to keep kids happy while travelling. They are already in a strange environment so structure helps them figure out what will happen next.

Oudtshroon to George

How flippen gorgeous is this country. I mean, really? It’s getting a bit ridiculous. We found ourselves having to stop on the Outeniqua Hop while an accident scene was being cleared and then, because we had late, irrate drivers chomping at the bit to make up for lost time, we pulled over at one of the many stops along this magnificent mountain pass. We would have happily stopped there all day, but Z2 had been up the whole night with a tummy bug and was still feeling awful. Thank goodness for a short roadtrip, right?

I called ahead and arranged to check in early so that we had access to a bed and a bathroom. Poor little girl! I pray this thing is out of her system tomorrow.

In the meantime, this is the view we will be enjoying for the next few days. Not bad, hey?

This is for @gotravelbug. I see your Facebook picture of the clouds in George and raise you this one 😜

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