Day 10: Redberry Farm

Z2 loves #horses and briefly had a ride on this #beauty before the wind blew a plastic chair over and spooked the horse 🐴

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The owner of the self-catering cottages recommended that we take our kids to Redberry Farm when we arrived. I had actually seen the berry festival from a distance, on my last business trip, so we made a mental note to not leave George without seeing what it was all about.

After an aborted effort on Thursday, where we were told that only the train and the maze was available, we noticed a poster advertising the Friday fun day. We asked a few questions and established that all the rides run from Friday to Sunday and, instead of paying between R15 and R20 per ride, kids aged 0-13 years could pick 3 activities and munch on a small plate of chips, for just R45 (on a Friday during the month of April). The major drawcard was that the kids could not only do the maze, but also between choose bumper boats, pony rides, bubble ball and train rides.

We headed back there today in blustery conditions, to find that the bubble ball was out of action and, after Z2 had gone just a few steps on her pony, a plastic chair blew over in front of the horse and if got spooked. So no pony rides then.

The kids had a blast at #RedBerryFarm today. The bumper #boats were a huge hit 🚤

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It was fun though. I’m glad we tackled the maze as a family the minute we got there. It’s supposed to take 1.5 hours and we were lost in there for over 2 hours. Clues? What clues? We eventually gave up our search after we found 5 of the 7 points to stamp our cards. The kids were getting very frustrated so we headed out to the train ride and to buy something for lunch.

Anton got some advice from one of the assistants who pointed him in the right direction for the final 2 stamps. I sent him back into the maze, with all our cards, while I fed the kids. He emerged triumphant 30 minutes later, with all our cards completed. Hooray! 🙌

If you’re ever in the George area, do yourself a favour and pop in for a few hours. While you can pick strawberries all year round, from April to November you are restricted to only using a small bowl which costs R20. You can buy a bigger punnet from the farm stall for R15. It’s a no brainer.

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