Day 6: Roadtripping with kids

So tomorrow we will be on the road for a full week and, hooray we still have some money left. This has been a week of adjustment and moving goal posts as, leaving the stability of a house and family has hit us all hard.

The thing about travelling with kids in South Africa, especially when you take them out on educational outings, is that you are so distracted keeping one eye on them while listening to the talk, that you feel like you learned nothing and, you’re sceptical whether they heard anything either.

I live in fear of something horrible happening to my kids. I would NEVER forgive myself. As a result, I feel like the choices I make are solely focused on keeping them safe to the detriment of all others.

I don’t think there is any fail safe rule to travelling with kids. You have to find what works for you. We did sing alongs before my transitioning tween decided he didn’t like listening to music anymore. Of course this would happen when we are on a roadtrip around South Africa for a year. Lovely!

So audio books are tolerated in the hope that listening to stories without any accompanying visuals will build their cognitive skills.

My daughter battles with what I think is a nervous stomach. Doctors couldn’t find anything physically wrong so, aside from telling me to keep an eye on her toilet behavior, they couldn’t prescribe anything useful.

She is pretty much worried about everything all the time so I am contemplating Rescue Remedy to see if it helps with the daily tummy aches.

Well, that’s 1 week down and probably around 30 more to go. Will we make ┬áit? Only time will tell.

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