Introducing TazzDiscovers

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This site will document our exploration of Cape Town, South Africa for the moment (but the rest of the world soon) as the 2 grownups and 2 kids (aged almost 7 and 10) check out kid-friendly eateries, review products and find ways to enjoy the great outdoors of our beautiful country.

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Hi! Welcome to our family travel blog. The TAZZ in TazzDiscovers doesn't imply we drive a Toyota Tazz. TAZZ stands for Tami, Anton, Zac and Zoe. We hope you enjoy the content we share here. We tried the nomad life in 2016 and, while we loved exploring 7 of the 9 regions in South Africa, we found it tough. We are back in Cape Town and enjoy going on mini adventures as a family. Our kids are 11 and 14 years old, and they love the outdoors. Anton is a stay at home dad and helps me to home school the kids, while I hold down a job and find time to write. One day when the kids are older and have settled into their own lives, we plan to explore the rest of South Africa in a 4x4, so that we can also visit Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia. Contact us for unique, family-friendly content about Cape Town, most of South Africa and what we have learned from our travels so far. You are most welcome to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@tazzdiscovers) to see what we share on a day to day basis. We look forward to working with you. Our email address is


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