Staying Alive

I’m trying to be shiny happy people…really, I am! Except I can’t help feeling a little trapped. My family love spending time outdoors. Me, well I can take it or leave it. As long as there is a shady tree near a trickling stream, I’d be quite happy with my book while they climb every mountain.

But climbing every mountain is now fraught with more than just the usual dangers. I mean, have you read the newspapers lately? The most important thing in the world is for me to keep my family safe. As much as I’d love them to indulge in their favourite outdoor activity, DO YOU WANT TO GET STABBED!? is the first thing that comes to mind.

Staying Alive

We usually make a point of heading out on a Friday as it is my day off and it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the beach without the usual weekend crowds. And yet, the above refrain remains fixed in my head. At one point, Noordhoek beach was one of our favourites (back in the day when we were trying to find a place to stay in Fish Hoek). However, now that the joy has been removed from that activity, we are running out of outing options.

I mean, last week (the week before pay day is always a killer), I considered taking the train from Plumstead Station and then (to save costs) hop off at Muizenberg Station to walk on the path between the train tracks and the sea to get to St James. But people are getting attacked there too and while I have less of an issue of the grown ups being attacked, I do not want to expose my kids to the risk. I’m not sure there is anyone in the world who would voluntarily choose to risk the lives of their children.

Another favourite spot that has recently turned sour is the Tokai Forest. When we went on a spontaneous mission to get some content for our Instagram feed, I didn’t want to linger. No matter how much the kids begged to play on the rope swing near the path. How can you relax when you have to be on high alert, looking for early signs that you have to toss your valuables and run for your life?

So, where to from here? This is one of the reasons I mentioned that I was running out of places to visit for our #365dayphotochallenge. I’m trying to avoid the tourist traps, so that the content we share is unpretentious and accessible, but I’m not sure where else we can visit?

Do you have any suggestions? I’m aware of the party line, “You can’t live in fear”, but I’d rather be safe than stabbed.

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