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After road tripping around South Africa for the last two weeks, we have faced many, many (many) ups and downs (aka screaming matches) as a family. The first 1.5 weeks were easily the hardest weeks EVER.

We all had a tough time adjusting to being away from everything that we were used to and the kids were missing the pets that had become accustomed to connecting with. We have had resident pets at 3 out 5 accommodation venues over the last 2 weeks and every cat, dog and horse has been loved to death. This helped a lot.

Home school has more or less gone out the window but they have been doing other kids of learning. Like how to swim and how to play table tennis…and darts. I have seen the kids maturing faster than i can keep up with. They are taking responsibility and trying to help out where they can.

So, in a nutshell, despite all the ups and downs, this road trip is a success. It’s now less about whether we check all the regions off on our list this year and more about growing closer as a family. No matter what happens, this is a trip we will never forget.

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