Hindsight: Clothes packing tips

packing tips, how to pack clothes, vaccubags, clothing, how to fit everything in, clothes, shoes, kids clothes, road trip, family, travel, south africa, roadtrip, familyIn our previous hindsight post, I gave you a few of our favourite tips on how to pack for a road trip. In that post, I mentioned that we would need to tackles clothes and toiletries separately as there was too much to go into. So here we are. Let’s talk about how to pack your clothes and toiletries for a road trip. If you missed that post, have a read over here.

Hindsight: Family Road Trip Packing

Hindsight: Clothes packing tips

Would you be shocked if I told you to leave your suitcase behind? Well, that’s what we did. We struggled as far as Hogsback before we dumped our suitcase. This was after trying everything to make things fit and, we just got sick of it.

It was a super fancy suitcase too. You know, one of those huge, moulded cases with wheels and a handle. It just wasn’t working for us and the wheels got in the way of everything else in our top box.

Since you’re on a road trip, the furthest you will have to move your clothes is from the car to the room where you’ll be staying. It’s not like you’ll be lugging it around an airport – which is what these cases are made for.

So how should you transport your clothes? By using these little wonders. These bags have a clever little valve at the bottom that pushes out all the air out of the bag as you roll it up. The result? WAY more space! We bought 2 sets of 5 and took them all over South Africa, TWICE!

family, travel, road trip, south africa, kids, packing, tips, how to pack for a road tripIf you’re worried about everyone seeing your undies through the clear plastic, grab a few gigantic shopping totes from the supermarket and use those bags (which also fold up flat) to transport your vaccubags to the room. Problem solved!


Now, let’s talk about the clothes themselves. If you’re travelling with kids you will want to assess their clothes about a week before you leave. Anything that is too small, too stained or too uncomfortable, toss. Make sure you pack at least 10 complete outfits with a change of underwear and socks for each set. Then include 3 pairs of pyjamas and swimming gear. Don’t forget to pack flotation devices, should you child still need it and any medications that they take regularly. In terms of shoes, you will want some sandals or flip flops and some waterproof shoes/boots. Have I left anything out? Let me know in the comments box below. Oh yes, a raincoat and a warm, hooded sweatshirt.


When it comes to your own clothes, the same rule applies. Don’t bother taking anything along that doesn’t fit or too stained to wear in photos. There is no point lugging anything around that you won’t wear for whatever reason. When it comes to keeping warm, fleece tops and jerseys take up a lot of room, so pack carefully. A warm but lightweight hooded top will be far more useful.

Choose something you can wear with most outfits and leave it at that. Jeans work in a number of instances so, even though they take up lots of room, you can dress it up or down most days of the week. Leggings are also great because you can wear them as an extra layer under dresses or under long tops. Layers are your friends. Don’t forget your swimming things, shorts and a sarong or two (has a million uses).


For the guys, a selection of t-shirts to go with your 3 shorts and 3 pairs of jeans or long pants. Enough socks and jocks for at least 5 days (i.e. 5 pairs), some closed shoes and some slops. And swim trunks. Done! Oh, and pyjamas and a warm, hooded sweatshirt. Sorted!


The only thing I wanted to mention about toiletries, is that it makes no sense at all to lug a catering sized bottle around with you. Decant your bulk shampoo, moisturizer and sunscreen into compact bottles and make sure they don’t leak before you leave. When in doubt, wrap in plastic. Rather be safe than sorry.

When it comes to medicines, remember to take along a pain and fever reliever for adults as well as one for the kids. Don’t forget about medicines for allergies and that includes an itchy bite cream, that would work for most bites. Cough syrup and something for a runny nose will come in handy for the kids, as will rescue remedy and something for motion sickness. Don’t forget the antiseptic cream and plasters for those scrapes and cuts, as well as arnica for bruises.

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