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We were scheduled to sail with Ocean Odessey this afternoon but, as we noticed a catamaran turning back when the boat couldn’t get past the heads yesterday, we decided to chat to the skipper,  to check feasibility. He confirmed what we suspected and suggested that, unless we want to take the chance and probably only end up doing half a trip today, that rescheduling would probably be a better idea. So we will drive back to Knysna from Plettenberg Bay on Sunday and see if we have better luck.

So now that our original plan didn’t pan out, we decided to visit the Knysna Tourism office and look into this Historical Tour we heard so much about.  When we mentioned to the young lady behind the counter, she said she didn’t know anything about it so she went to ask for some help. After a lengthy discussion with a colleague, they enlisted some more help. We were eventually told that they don’t have a map of the Historical Tour we can use but assured us if we just walk up the Main Road, we will notice gold, circular signs on buildings of historical importance.

The Tourism Office building is apparently No. 2 in the tour with building No. 1 to the left, which seemed to be a hotel that is now “To Let”. The gate was shut on building number 1 so we couldn’t make out enough of the sign to tell you about it. The next sign we found was labelled as No. 12 so please don’t ask where 3-11 are. Maybe someone will leave a comment on this post and let us know?

We went walking 🚶 in #knysna today. What a great way to spend #FreedomDay #churchflow

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The old Anglican Church was a hive of activity today with all sorts of stalls andvendors so we didn’t linger long enough to find the signs . we will go back when it’s quieter. It really is a very photogenic church and deserves to be photographed without people selling stuff on the premises.

After crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing we headed over to the Police Station and found that the building had been a police station since 1861. Just down the road from that we found The Old Gaol Museum which used to be the old prison.

So while I can’t claim to have done the Historical Tour properly, it has made me curious to find the buildings we missed. Have you done this tour before? I’d love to know where I can find all the other signs.

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