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I’m struggling to find the words to encompass how awesome our eco tour with Ocean Odyssey was, this weekend. We initially had a booking for last Thursday but, when heavy swell made it impossible for boats to leave the Knysna Heads, we rescheduled for better weather.

And I’m so glad we did. Even in ideal sailing conditions, the trip through the Heads was hairy! It’s no wonder that the area is a popular diving spot, there are so many shipwrecks!

I should mention upfront that these guys are ethical operators who follow strict whale watching practices. In fact, they often take researchers and marine protection organizations out to sea so they can collect samples and document observations. So they know their stuff.

Even though it’s not whale watching season, our skipper, Johannes was the first one to spot a whale the previous week and a few days earlier had come across a pod of 200 dolphins. While they don’t guarantee a whale spotting, they will search as far and as wide as the 90 minute eco tour allows.

Humpback #dolphin 🐬

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After safely navigating our way through the Heads, we raced out to open ocean where we kept our eyes peeled for any sign of life. We saw jellyfish the size of dinner plates, a solitary penguin and a seal, but no big fish. After cruising the waves for a bit we headed towards Buffelsbay where we found a small pod of humpback dolphins frolicking in the surf.

Johannes noted down the GPS coordinates and the details about the pod while we oohed and aahed and took a gazillion pictures. I shared a video on our Instagram page if you’d like to see more.

Prices are lower now while it is “off season” so this would make an awesome Mother’s Day gift. The staff are incredibly professional and lovely touches like complimentary bottled water while you’re getting into your life jackets and a hot towel service when you disembark, makes it an experience you’ll remember for many years to come.

Disclaimer: TazzDiscovers were guests of Ocean Odyssey but we’re not asked to blog about it. We will only feature what we think you will enjoy and will always be honest.

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