Arctic Justice at Ster Kinekor

Two blog posts in one month? What even is this! This blog has been seriously neglected and, it’s been bugging me why I even bother to pay for hosting anymore. Does anyone even read blogs these days?

2019 was the year to try microblogging a try, and I made a concerted effort to post more detailed stories on Instagram. Not actual Instastories though. Those still scare me a little. Maybe I will get there, one day.

When an invitation popped into my inbox, it fell right in line with my resolution to say yes to more things this year. It is easy to think of reasons why I should say no, and it has led to quite an uneventful year, which felt like a waste.

Anyway, back to the point, when we received an invitation to watch Arctic Justice at Ster Kinekor, in exchange for a blog post, I immediately replied with a hearty, “yes please”. And I had no idea how much we would need a treat after 2 car breakdowns and a robbery. Januworry for who? For what?

Going to the cinema is, unfortunately, ridiculously expensive and, after raising this on Twitter earlier this week, I found that many were in agreement. While we would love to use this as a form of entertainment, the crazy prices can rarely be justified unless it is a really special treat. For example, if you are a Star Wars fan, watching the latest addition to the franchise can almost make seeing it on the big screen, a priority.

I can barely remember the last time we watched a movie and, as the kids are teenagers now, we don’t watch animated movies anymore. But Arctic Justice looks so cute and funny, we might just get away with actual laughs instead of eye rolls and pronouncemets of boredom. I hope.

Check out the trailer and let me know if your family would love to watch it.

Personally, I loved that it touched on the environmental impact a little bit and, while it didn’t delve very deeply, I hope it would open up a family conversation about the impacts of fracking.

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