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Despite all the places we visited in 2016, my list of places we want to see has grown even longer. That is the nature of travel, I guess. The more you see, the more you want to see. Which probably explains why people who have never left their home town, having no interest in making travel a priority. Of course, travel is expensive. Sometimes cripplingly expensive so, it makes sense to understand where you can cut costs, and where you can’t.

The Plantation, family, travel, road trip, south africa, accommodation, review, port elizabeth, nelson mandela bay, eastern capeOn the 2nd day of our 11 week road trip around South Africa, I mentioned 5 things that makes or breaks an accommodation venue for me. At the end of the day, many of those things cannot be guaranteed when you book your accommodation and, as price is in no way a guide of a quality stay, it doesn’t make sense to blow your budget on a bed. To book your stay in Montagu with AccommoDirect, click here.

(I experienced this when I worked in Government where I got to stay in some beautiful places, at quite a price, only to find that the shower didn’t work, the WiFi was limited to 50MB a day and I couldn’t sleep thanks to people shouting down the corridors of the hotel). And no, the “free” breakfast in the morning, didn’t make up for it.

5 star dreams on a motel budget

Of course, no one wants to stay in a flea ridden motel and, thanks to the self catering, backpacker and bed and breakfast options, you don’t have to. I am so thankful that hotels aren’t our only options any more. (Not that I have anything against hotels, except maybe that you are reliant on having to eat out rather than fend for yourself while you explore more than just the restaurants on the premises or in the town).

This is what I love about accommodation websites like There is room to do an extensive search for a place to stay in the area you’d like to explore, but what is even better, is that the location is accurately mapped on Google Maps so you can actually see how far away from landmarks sites you are.

We started out of tradition of taking the kids away for their birthday and our anniversary by going to stay at Blue Bay Lodge. You can read more about it over here and book your stay through Accommodirect here.

family travel, kid friendly, accommodirect, book accommodation, travel, road trip, south africa, explore, discover, reviewThe nature of the hospitality industry means that you can often get awesome deals on accommodation, only to find that you are miles away from everything when you get there. It’s like you’re walking on a delicate tightrope between stretching your budget as far as it can go, only to find that everything you want to see, isn’t within walking distance. Which means you need to hire a car or rely on pricey taxis to get you where you want to go. Bye bye money!

family travel, kid friendly, accommodirect, book accommodation, travel, road trip, south africa, explore, discover, reviewThe other thing I love about Accommodirect is that places are listed as per night rather than per person. I have had MANY experiences where I saw a “great deal” of just R550 only to read (in the small print) that it was per person, not per night and, when you multiply this awesome price by 4 people, you end up paying over R2000/night. (Which may be fine for some, but I’d rather spend more on exploring the area, and getting to know the people who live there.)

With all the places we still want to visit, I’ve been wondering whether we should visit Victoria Falls first or Mauritius. Or maybe we should take a tour through the Serengeti instead. Or maybe…How about you? Where would you like to visit next?

Wherever you do plan to visit next, give Accommodirect a try before you make your accommodation bookings. You are bound to find a great deal for your next holiday. Remember booking early gives you the option finding the best price possible.

Disclaimer: This post was brought to you in collaboration with Accommodation Direct, however, we only work with companies we find useful and believe you would benefit from too. All thoughts, words and pictures are our own.

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