Explore Africa with TravelStart

travelstart, which african country should I explore, travel, quiz, sponsored post, family, travel, explore, africa, south africa, heritageBack in 2015 when we first started discussing selling our house, I considered many options as to what to do next. Should we pack up and immigrate or should we blow the funds on 1 amazing week overseas?

If we wanted to immigrate, where would we go? Australia, New Zealand and Canada had “been done” by many friends and family members and it didn’t sound appealing so, for a while I considered immigrating to an island and living on all the fish you could catch and as many coconuts you could shake from the tree). (This idea was short lived, thankfully).

Explore Africa with TravelStart

So, when TravelStart invited us to work with them on a Heritage Day project, we jumped at the chance. This fun quiz will give you a light hearted suggestion on which country you should consider if you ever feel like relocating, or even just visiting.

My quiz results showed that I would love living in Kenya because I apparently, “see life as a daring adventure and approach it with curiosity and a sense of humour. You are energetic and charismatic and always on a quest to explore new places, gain knowledge, meet interesting people and experience the magic of the world.” I must admit, I kinda like this reasoning so Kenya, here I come (eventually) ;).

How about you? Which African country do you secretly want to explore? Take the TravelStart Quiz and let me know which country you should explore next.

Disclaimer: TravelStart approached us to help them promote this quiz and this post has been sponsored.

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