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The flight of the Kudu
The flight of the Kudu

This blog has been very quiet lately because I’ve been working on The Book. No, I haven’t been asked to write a book for any publishing house (yet) but it felt like after selling our house, and uprooting our family to road trip around South Africa, something concrete should come out of it. I mean, we ate our house, in order to fund this dream trip, after all.

So much content, but so what?

The first 5 pages just flowed out of my fingers, but then I got stuck. So stuck in fact, that it’s taken me almost 2 months to wrap my head around the “so what” factor. Lack of content isn’t a problem, but how to package that content so that it’s actually useful to our readers, is pretty essential. I’m at the stage where I think I could probably knock out another 20 pages, but I thought I’d check in with you, to see what you’d like to read about family travel in South Africa, that would actually encourage you to buy a book.

Obviously if you live in South Africa, your questions will come from a different backdrop from an international reader who has never visited our beautiful country, so we’d really appreciate it if you could share this post as widely as possible. Given the theme of the picture that went viral on Facebook, people seem to be flabbergasted at the reality of wildlife that roam freely about 100kms away from some of our cities, so it seems obvious what one chapter will be about, but what else would you like to know?

Does the idea of safe travel within South Africa bug you? Are you concerned that something awful will happen to you based on what you’ve seen in the news? That topic has been covered within those first 5 pages. As I’ve mentioned before, I actually felt safer outside the big cities.

There’s more to South Africa

The reason for this book is for people to discover that there is more to South Africa than flying into a major city and booking yourself in to a game reserve where you can get up close and personal with the Big 5. South Africa is a place for families and, if you’re willing to do your research, you can have a mind blowing experience just by exploring the road less travelled.

Family travel IS different. It is slower and faster at the same time so, rigid schedules often don’t work for you. You need to take the time to collect shells on the beach or simply sit on the deck before the kids wake up, and give yourself time to contemplate life, while sipping from your only hot cup of anything for that day.

Family travel is build your own picnic and eating it on the floor of your room, during a thunderstorm. It’s trying to get the kids to stay quiet for long enough, so that the zebra come to visit your window. It is stopping along the dusty road to negotiate world peace in the back seat, and then finding a lonely flower growing next to a rock.

South Africa is incredible. With or without the Big 5. So, what’s stopping you from exploring it?

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We are a family of four with a passion for our beautiful and diverse South Africa. Because of our passion for Cape Town, we love exploring and taking pictures as we grow and spend time together as a family. Our kids are 14 and 17 respectively and have had access to the most amazing opportunities through our little blog and this is something we are incredibly grateful for. We have seen them grow and mature since we started travelling and has turned them into little connoisseurs of all things wonderful in South Africa. If you would like a family perspective on your business or location, we would love to work with you. Feel free to reach out via email: tazzdiscovers@gmail.com


  1. I would completely buy a book that
    a) told the story of WHY & HOW you decided to sell your house, switch to home schooling & travel (including the pro’s/con’s and decision making factors). The Wanderlust spirit lives in us all and I think that a lot of people love to live vicariously through another persons journey. You title each chapter with a month (kind of *diary of a …*) to showcase that year leading up to & the experience.
    b) gave great advice to family travelers. Especially focusing on family friendly accommodation, restaurants, activities (and highlighting the age suitability). I find that a lot of “travel” books are great for adults and older children but don’t really factor in the toddler/young child requirements. I am a firm believer in recommendations. If another traveler with children or just a traveler whose travel style is similar to my own recommends a hotel/resort, I am more likely to book there than somewhere else (even if I have tripadvisor stalked the venue)

    As a South African living abroad – my SA holidays are firstly about visiting with Family & friends, but secondly, includes some kind of little getaway … something that I hope to continue with as the years go by!

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