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We set off on our 2nd WestCoastWaySA road trip recently with invitations to visit Khwattu, Club Mykonos and Moose Farm Stall. You can read more about our last trip here. We love having the road trip route with the most twists on our doorstep.

This time, we hit the road in style thanks to @invisableCT who passed on the prize they won on #TravelChatSA, sponsored by MLT car hire.

Grateful that we didn’t need to hit the road at the crack of dawn, we met with the MLT team in the harbour late Friday morning, to see our ride for the weekend. After all the necessary paperwork had been completed and the deposit was paid, we transferred our food, clothes and other essentials over into a brand new Avanza and headed up the R27 for some family fun. The kids couldn’t get over the new car smell or how high up they were sitting and we under strict instructions to treat this car with respect.

We thought we’d left in good time to reach Khwa ttu for the 2pm tour however, when we checked in, we realized that the clock in the car was a good 90 minutes behind schedule, and it simply would have been too much of a rush. Fortunately, there is a 10am tour too, so we joined that after a luxurious sleep in the guest lodge.

Our tour started with a talk in the education centre where we learned about the various San tribes within South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, as well as the wonderful outreach programme Khwa ttu has in these countries. Young people are selected from these various communities and brought to South Africa so that they can learn about the hospitality industry and secure jobs for themselves when they go back home. The many success stories are a testament to the commitment of Khwa ttu to educating and uplifting Southern Africa as they open doors for those who may not have access to many opportunities.

Once we had checked out of Khwa ttu, we made our way to Langebaan where we stopped off at the Laguna Mall for supplies, before heading on to Club Mykonos. Check in is only from 4pm but we were fortunate enough to find that our villa was ready for occupation when we arrived, so we could drop off our things, before heading out for some pizza. If you had asked me whether I was a beach or bush person before this trip, I would have said beach, without a second thought. I found the resort vibe at Club Mykonos not to my taste though so it left me longing for the bird song and quiet we’d left behind at Khwa ttu.

Club Mykonos is beautiful though with lots for families to do and see. Our villa was across the way from the kids club where you could leave older kids to get on with beading, face painting and games while you played some mini golf or took a stroll on the beach. They even offer free movies on certain nights of the week, showing fairly new movies like Sing and Ballerina at 7pm.

The best part about our villa was it’s view overlooking the marina where a family of seals played between the boats. If you ever thought of seals as lazy, those thoughts would be put to bed after watching the Club Mykonos seals who frolicked and swam and chased fish all day, and most of the night.

Our time at Club Mykonos was too short to really explore properly though and, before we knew it, we were waking up at the crack of dawn, not because we needed to be anywhere at a particular time, but because the kids wanted to watch the seals. Eventually after getting everyone fed and dressed, we checked out at 10am and headed to Hopefield to meet the lovely couple who own Moose Farm Stall.

We drove past the outskirts of Hopefield on our last trip and, after spying the steeple of a church, we were sorely tempted to pop in, just to take pictures. Fortunately, this time around, we were literally opposite the church, so we made a point of snapping a few before we headed home.

We spent hours chatting to the owners while devouring our delicious breakfast croissant, with scrambled egg, bacon, rocket and Camembert. Zac was delighted to find out that there was no tomato included in the croissant that morning, because the local tomato grower, had sold her last packet the previous day.

I love how small town businesses work together and support each other. The fresh, free range eggs that made up the majority of our croissant filling was from another local down the road who raised laying hens as well as chickens for the braai (to put it bluntly). The owner of Moose Farm Stall grows her own rocket, when her pet duck decides to not destroy the crop and uses it in all her salads and quiches while sending some to a fellow resident who makes pesto.

We are systematically working our way through the route with the most twists and we look forward to checking off a few more in the near future. A great opportunity for you to do the same would be to plan a trip in time for the Fynbos Fees in Hopefield at the end of August, where all the local producers in the area, will be selling their goods. So, if you like beautiful woodwork or just enjoy delicious food, make a note in your diary and set aside a day to get to know this little piece of the Western Cape.

Disclaimer: This post was created in collaboration@westcoastwaySA. All thoughts, words and images are our own.

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