Plettenberg Bay

It’s super easy to get stuck in the accommodation you’ve booked and just get sucked into watching DSTV all day. I mean, come on…I’ve never had satellite TV before so all these shows are still a novelty. When the TV is on, the kids bickering disappates to bearable levels and I get to just chill and not worry about everything for a bit. Win win.

After a rainy day in front of the TV, it was time to #gooutside and #explore #plettenbergbay

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Since it rained the whole day yesterday, we only headed out briefly to pick up some groceries and then we burrowed under the covers and vegged in front of the TV. So, after the kids got some Saturday morning cartoons under their belts today, we set a time to leave and got ready to go.

The car still hasn’t been fixed so we chose to walk -you see lots more that way and set the GPS for The Fat Fish restaurant. It helps to pick a location so that it doesn’t feel like you’re ambling aimlessly. It also helps when the kids whine and you can tell them that they will be getting food (who am I kidding, ice cream) soon. The Fat Fish was recommended by our next door neighbour here in Plett so that decision was easy.


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The restaurant was a lot closer than we anticipated so we explored the beach to kill time. How friggen beautiful can you get? After walking and letting the kids climb rocks and jump off to their heart’s content, we headed to the restaurant for lunch. You can find my review on Zomato. Truly worth every cent. Where is your favourite spot in the world?

Would you believe @urbanwalkerct has never been to #plettenbergbay before? Clearly I am more #blessed than I realised.

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